Blackhead Treatments

Blackheads are a type of acne. Since acne is an internal problem, it is reasonable to conclude that blackheads are an internal problem as well. For this reason, for any treatment to be effective against blackheads, it has to go to the root cause of the problem. The best blackhead treatments are therefore those that work from the inside out.

Top Treatments

One treatment is said to work faster than the average acne treatment, because it focuses on the main cause of blackheads. It therefore clears dead skin cells from the skin, and helps to clear sebum from the pores, using components of benzoyl peroxide as well as salicylic acid. This treatment is said to be fortified with the top ten super foods, which enable it to get rid of existing blackheads and stop future ones from being formed. All this is said to take place in 72 hours.

There is another treatment on the market available in the form of a pill. It is therefore an internal medication that naturally works from the inside to clean the pores and stop the formation of blackheads right at its source. This internal medication succeeds where topical treatments fail, because it blocks the sebum supply from underneath the skin. Success can be achieved in under seven days.

Yet another medication boasts about being an effective all-natural treatment. It is said to combine over 30 proven ingredients that are all natural, to cleanse pores, remove blackheads, revitalize and moisturize, as well as heal the skin, regardless of how severe the acne condition is. Three to four months of treatment is said to be available in one bottle.

Still another formula, the only one of its kind, utilizing only natural products, is said to be able to combine Mother Nature’s best ingredients for fighting acne to help clear blackheads in only seven days, minus any side effects and suffering. This unique formula is said to perfectly balance and strengthen the skin, refreshing and soothing blemishes, and attracting moisture which prevent drying, thereby eliminating blackheads in one step.

Another treatment boasts of being the perfect internal acne medication intent on finally conquering blackheads that are most stubborn. Working from within, this product cleans the skin and eliminates the toxins and bacteria which accumulate and combine to form blackheads. It therefore detoxifies, balances, and strengthens skin at the site of acne origination, and this provides results that are lasting.

A Five-Step Program Solution

The body is constantly cleansing itself by expelling toxins and waste matter from its system. The skin, one of the large organs of the body, expels congesting toxins from the blood and lymph fluid that supply it with nutrients. When these toxins get to the surface of the skin and combine with excess skin oil (or sebum), a pasty glue is created. This glue clogs the pores and causes the development of blackheads.

Attacking the blackhead problem means preventing the formation of the pasty glue mentioned earlier. To accomplish this, the skin’s production of sebum has to be normalized, and the blood has to be purified of the congesting toxins. For eradication and prevention of blackheads, it is recommended that the functioning of the liver has to be significantly improved and strengthened. The liver is the organ responsible for deactivating and clearing excess or used hormones from the system. It also cleanses the blood of congesting toxins. The liver, therefore, needs to be strong enough to keep the hormones in balance, and the blood pure.

A five-step program is suggested for better liver functioning. It works in a specific way, however, and all the steps have to be completed for effective results. The first step explains how the body’s ability to make hormones can be balanced out. The instructions in this step are easy and usually generate quick results. However, it is not complete enough in and by itself, to cure blackheads.

Steps two, three, and four explain how to eradicate internal system blocks that prevent the deactivation and expulsion of used or excess hormones from the body. These steps are more time consuming, and require total commitment, dedication and discipline to carry them out. Step five explains how the capacity of the internal hormonal regulatory system can be built and strengthened. The fifth step is the one most crucial for lasting freedom from acne problems, but the program is a systematic progression of fixes.

A Three-Step Program Solution

It is again emphasized that beautiful skin begins inside, and that skin conditions and breakouts are initiated and aggravated by internal factors such as stress, poor diet, hormone imbalance, improper functioning of the liver, and sluggish digestion, to name a few. The factors mentioned manifest themselves outwards through the skin in the form of acne, of which blackheads are one type. A three-step system has been formulated to work from both within and without to bring back balance to the skin.

The first step involves taking a daily supplement aimed at restoring an internal balance and fighting acne from the root. It does this by regulating hormones, promoting normal flushing of waste products and toxins from the body, and maintaining a healthy blood circulation. The supplement also preserves a cleansed liver, keeps blood at normal purity levels, and helps to regulate digestion.

The second step involves the use of a deep facial wash to clear breakouts and stop flare ups. The wash has been scientifically formulated to restore external skin functioning. It works by first unclogging the pores of dead skin cells and bacteria. It then gently exfoliates skin, removing the dead cells without also removing the natural oils the skin needs.

The third step utilizes a protection cream which gives a natural, healthy glow to the skin. It optimally combines both alpha and beta hydroxy acids in its protection. The alpha hydroxy acids attract moisture into the newly-treated skin, preventing tightness, flakiness and drying, while the beta hydroxy acids stop dead cells from clogging the pores. The result is a dewy and fresh appearance.


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